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Enjoy 2 pints of Black Dog Gelato's DAIRY-FREE FLAVORS every month available for pick-up in-store! The DAIRY FREE FLAVORS are a rotating menu of our favorite dairy-free creations.

New orders must be placed by the MONTHLY DEADLINE in order to pick up for that month. 

Upon initial purchase the purchaser will select their pick up date. Monthly Orders will be available on the 3rd Weekend of the Month at our Ukrainian Village Location.


    In addition to gelato year-round, Pint Club members enjoy additional perks:

    • Cooler Bag
    • Gifts and Samples
    • 10% off Other Add-on Online Purchases
    • 10% off In-Shop Purchases
    • Early Access to Flavors
    • Swap Option to Switch Out Monthly Flavor Pack Selection
    • Early Access to Flavors
    • Exclusive Event Access
    • Summer Swap

    Please review our cancellation policy HERE before signing up for a monthly membership! 


    Nope! After your first order, the rest is easy! All you have to do is pick up your pack on your pick up date each month.

    As long as you don't want to make changes (i.e. swap flavors, skip a pick-up, switch pick up weekends), no need to do anything other than be ready to enjoy some gelato each month! Your card on file will be billed on the 5th of every month after your initial purchase. If you do need to make changes, email before the 5th for assistance.



    Orders placed after the monthly deadline will be available the following month with that month's flavors.

    For those who have already purchase a Monthly Membership or Gift Subscription, the monthly deadline is applicable to the first month only. All future orders will be recurring until cancellation or the limited subscription expires. 


    • December 13th
    • January 14th
    • February 11th
    • March 10th
    • April 14th
    • May 12th
    • June 9th

    Upon initial purchase the purchaser will select their pick up date. Once selected this date is set as the permanent pickup details. Prior to the MONTHLY DEADLINE members can always request to skip the month if the pick up weekend does not work with their schedule. Members are also welcome to have a friend or family member pick up their pints for them!


    Pint Club Member Orders are available the 3rd weekend of the month at our Ukrainian Village Shop! 


    • Saturday 3-7 PM
    • Sunday 3-7 PM

      Ukrainian Village Pick Up

      • December 16-17, 2023
      • January 20-21, 2024
      • February 17-18, 2024
      • March 16-17, 2024
      • April 20-21, 2024
      • May 18-19, 2024
      • June 15-16, 2024


      Special Menu Item Orders are available from time-to-time, typically they are seasonal celebrations, local collaborations, or something new we've dreamed up! Special Menu pickup dates and availability will always be noted in the product description upon purchase. 


                • TURKISH COFFEE – Creamy coffee gelato infused with notes of cardamon and rose water. 
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs
                • PISTACHIO – The Italian classic. Our signature pistachio is a nod to the bright green fake flavor that Chef Jessie loved as a kid but made with 100% pure pistachio paste.
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Tree Nuts


                • ITALIAN COOKIE – Inspired by the classic dessert, Zabione, additional yolks are added for a rich custard base and finished with Marsala wine and Biscoff Cookie pieces.
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Soy
                • CHOCOLATE – We use real unsweetened chocolate and do not rely on cocoa powder to create this rich chocolate. It does not look as dark as other chocolate ice creams but it is surprisingly rich!
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs


                • DAIRY FREE CHOCOLATE – Our signature Dairy Free Chocolate. Rich and fudgy.
                  • Allergens: Soy
                • DAIRY FREE LEMON PASSIONFRUIT – Super tangy and bright with a creamy finish.
                  • Allergens: Coconut

                SPECIAL MENU

                • GINGERBREAD PIE – A gingerbread crust with gingerbread gelato, Italian custard gelato, topped with frozen maple whipped cream.
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat, Soy
                • PINK PEPPERMINT DOUBLE CHOCOLATE PIEA chocolate cookie crust with pink peppermint gelato, and white chocolate gelato with dark chocolate stracciatella folded throughout.
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat, Soy

                SPUMONI TARTUFO:

                • SPUMONI TARTUFO (6-PACK) – Spumoni gelato (layers of chocolate, cherry, and pistachio gelato) enrobed in dark chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder.
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Tree Nuts, Soy

                STUFFED PANETTONE:

                • GELATO FILLED PANETTONE – Classic Italian holiday bread filled with Vanilla and Pistachio gelato, glazed with Nutella and candied hazelnuts.
                  • Allergens: Dairy, Eggs, Wheat, Tree Nuts, Soy


                                              • Will You Have Other Items Available For Purchase In Shop On Pick-Up Days?

                                                Yes! As one of the perks of being a Pint Club Member, additional pints and other goodies will be available for sale in our shops during pint pick-up weekends! Keep an eye out for special announcements as Pint Club Members will receive special access to limited menus as well as discounts on all in-shop purchases!

                                              • When Can Pints be Picked Up?

                                                Upon initial purchase the purchaser will select their pick up weekend during check-out.

                                                Pint Club Monthly Members pick up their monthly orders on the:

                                                3rd Weekend of the Month at our Ukrainian Village location during store hours.

                                                MONTHLY MEMBERS UPCOMING SCHEDULE

                                                December 16-17, 2023

                                                January 20-21, 2024

                                                FEBRUARY 17-18, 2024

                                                MARCH 16-17, 2024

                                                APRIL 20-21, 2024

                                                MAY 18-19, 2024

                                                JUNE 15-16, 2024

                                              • Do You Offer Delivery?

                                                Unfortunately, at this time, we do not. However, it's possible we will again in the future. If this is something you are interested in, please let us know by signing up for our newsletter, or sending an email to!

                                              • When is My Credit Card Charged?

                                                After your initial purchase which will be charged on the date or purchase, your credit card will be charged the fifth of every month*.

                                                *Please note: this ongoing charge is only relevant to Pint Club Members who have purchased a Monthly Membership and remain active. Monthly members who skip the month or pause their subscription are not active members.

                                              • Monthly Ordering Deadline: When Is The Last Day I Can Make A Purchase In the Month for Pick up That Same Month?

                                                Orders must be placed by the following dates to pick up within the same month.

                                                MONTHLY DEADLINES:

                                                December 13th

                                                January 14th

                                                February 11th

                                                March 10th

                                                April 14th

                                                May 12th

                                                June 9th

                                              • Monthly Ordering Deadline: What Happens if I Miss the Ordering Deadline? What Flavors Will I Receive in the Box?

                                                If you miss the monthly ordering deadline, your pint pack will be available for pick-up on the following month with that month’s flavors. For example, if the monthly deadline is September 10th, orders placed on September 11th and on will be available for pick-up in October instead. If you would like the rotating FEATURED FLAVORS Pint Pack option, you will receive the featured flavors available during the month of pick-up/delivery, not the flavor menu for the month of order.

                                              • What are the Flavor Offerings?

                                                We currently offer three (3) Pint Pack options that include the following:

                                                FEATURED FLAVORS are a rotating menu of Chef Jessie's special creations, including seasonal ingredients, fan favorites, and one-of-a-kind gelato flavors. 

                                                SIGNATURE FLAVORS are a smaller rotating menu of our best sellers (think Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel, Mint Cookie etc.)

                                                DAIRY FREE FLAVORS are a rotating menu of our favorite dairy-free creation

                                                Check out the full flavor descriptions on the FLAVORS page. 

                                              • Can I Have Other Flavors or Customize my Order?

                                                Unfortunately, no. We cannot yet accommodate custom orders or change pint flavors within each Flavor Collection!  Members who have purchased the Monthly Membership have the option to swap between the Pint Pack Flavor Collections as long as the change is completed prior to the monthly ordering deadline (see FAQs on monthly ordering deadline for exact cut-off each month), but we cannot swap individual flavors within the Pint Packs!  Monthly Members can swap Pint Pack flavor options by emailing or submitting a request through their member portal (after the first 3 months of membership). The swap option is not available for 3 or 6-Month Pint Pack Gift Subscriptions. 

                                              • Do You Have a Dairy-Free Option?

                                                Yes! Dairy-Free Pint Packs are available for the Monthly Membership, Gift Subscriptions, and single Pint Pack purchases! 

                                                Check out the full flavor descriptions on the FLAVORS page!

                                              • Can I Swap Flavors or Modify My Membership?

                                                If you are a Pint Club Member (i.e. you have purchased a Monthly Membership and have not paused your membership nor skipped the month), you have the option to swap amongst the Pint Packs flavor options. We recommend submitting your monthly swap by no later than the 5th of the month to have it fulfilled on that same month. The final monthly swap cut-off date is the same as the monthly ordering deadline, listed in the “Monthly Ordering Deadline,” section. Any swaps submitted after this deadline will not be fulfilled (original flavor pack selection will be included). Monthly Members can swap Pint Pack flavor options by emailing or submitting a request through their member portal (after the first 3 months of membership).  This is a perk specifically for active Pint Club Monthly Members only; unfortunately, at this time, swapping flavor packs is not an option for the 3 and 6 Month Gift Subscriptions. 

                                              • Do You Offer Shipping?

                                                At this time, we do not offer shipping on any of our frozen products. However, we hope to in the future! If this is something you are interested in, please let us know by signing up for our newsletter, or sending an email to!

                                                We do currently offer shipping on our products that do not need to be kept frozen.

                                              • Do You Have Pick-Up Locations Outside of Ukrainian Village?

                                                Unfortunately, at this time, we do not. However, it's possible we will again in the future. If this is something you are interested in, please let us know by signing up for our newsletter, or sending an email to!

                                              • What If Myself Or The Recipient Is Out Of Town The Weekend Of Pick-up?

                                                If you are a Pint Club Member you can elect to skip an order for the month when you are unable to make the pick-up in your member portal. Be sure to do this before your billing on the 5th! 

                                                If you’d rather not skip a month, contact us at to let us know you’re unavailable on the designated pick-up/delivery weekend prior to the monthly deadline and we can change your pick up locaiton and weekend for the month.

                                                Members are responsible for Pint Pack pick up on their pick up date and timeframe. If members miss their scheduled pick up their order will be available for pick up during shop hours for 1 month. Forgotten Pint Packs are discarded by Black Dog the Monday after the following month's pick up weekend and will not be refunded to the member or purchaser.

                                                EXAMPLE MISSED PICK UP TIMELINE

                                                -June order scheduled for Ukrainian Village pick up on 6/17 or 6/18.

                                                -Customer forgets to pick up June order.

                                                -Customer can pick up June order at Ukrainian Village location anytime during shop hours between 6/19 and 7/16.

                                                -Ukrainian Village July pick up weekend 7/15 or 7/16.

                                                -On 7/17 all missed June orders are no longer available for pick up and will not be refunded.

                                              • How Do I Send Pint Club Membership or Pint Packs as a Gift?

                                                In order to send as a gift, please go to the Gift Collections Page on the Shopify site.

                                                As of now, there is no way to include separate email addresses on the purchase for the purchaser and the gift recipient. As such, we recommend the following method to complete the purchase for the gift recipient: 

                                                Use YOUR email address to complete the checkout process. 

                                                If you are purchasing a membership for the recipient, you will need to create a Black Dog Shopify login, or login to your account to complete the purchase. 

                                                When STORE PICKUP is selected, enter the RECIPIENT’S NAME & PHONE NUMBER ONLY under PICK-UP ADDRESS (store pick-up address information will automatically populate when this method is selected). Enter your information for billing. 

                                                In addition to the purchase confirmation, we will follow-up with some instructions from to provide the recipient with an e-gift message. If you have not received a follow-up email within 24 business hours of purchase, please send an email to to request instructions. 

                                                If purchasing a 3 or 6 Month Pint Pack Gift Subscription for the recipient, we also recommend switching over the account to their email address. Instructions will be provided to switch the email address (with the recipient’s permission) and an updated password reset link will be sent. 

                                              • How Do I Cancel my Monthly Membership?

                                                As a Pint Club Member, you receive additional perks outside of monthly gelato that are rolled into the pricing. However, we understand that circumstances may arise that require you to cancel. In order to cover some of our initial costs, as well as provide a no-hassle approach to cancellation for members, we do require a minimum of 3 months of membership before cancellation

                                                After the 3-month minimum, you can cancel at anytime through your member portal, as long as the cancellation request occurs prior to the monthly billing on the 5th. If the request to cancel occurs after the 5th, but before the monthly pick-up for that month, please reach out to for your options. Cancellation requests after the 5th of the month are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to work with every member to accommodate or refund the payment, if possible.