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The Summer Swap Option is a seasonal option for Pint Club Members that pick up in-shop!

The shops are opening in May and you don’t have to wait until the 3rd weekend of each month to get your pints anymore! As a Pint Club Member, by choosing the Summer Swap Option, you can opt out of the Monthly Membership Box and pick up your pints in the flavors of your choice whenever you want throughout the month! You can pick up all of the pints at once OR one at a time - it is up to you! Plus, as an added bonus in lieu of the box, you will receive 1 extra pint in addition to your usual 3 pints every month. Simply come into any one of our shops, pick out your pints, and let the staff know you are a Pint Club Member using your Summer Swap points.


The Summer Swap option is available to Pint Club Members from May-September while our shops are open for the season!


  • Timeline:
      • The Summer Swap will take place during the months of May-September while our shops are open for the summer. Members participating in the Summer Swap will not receive a box during this time and cannot opt back into the regular pick-up or delivery until October.  Members will still have the option to skip months.
      • Members must notify us no later than May 4th - prior to the next billing - if they want to participate in the Summer Swap. 
  • Billing
      • The Summer Swap will be billed $35 (plus tax) on the 5th of every month
      • Just like Pint Club, if you will be out of town, or need to skip a month for any reason, please do so by the 4th of the month before billing.   
  • Tracking:
      • We will be utilizing our Loyalty Program to credit and track your monthly pints. Members will receive 800 points to their loyalty account each month they are billed. These points can be redeemed for any 4 pintsPoints will be added to the loyalty account after the billing date (5th of each month) by no later than the 10th of each month. Loyalty points do NOT expire and carry over each month😊.  
      • If you are not currently enrolled in our Loyalty program, you will be automatically enrolled under the billing name, billing phone, and email address currently used for Pint Club.
      • Members can log in to check their loyalty status and points at any time HERE
  • Redeeming for In-Shop Use:
      • Simply come into the shop, pick your pint(s), and let the staff member working know you are a Pint Club Member and want to redeem your points for Pint Club Pints. 
  • Pint Club Perks
      • Members will keep all of their perks, including 10% discounts on in-shop and online purchases, early access to special menus, access to exclusive events, and more! 


    Email us by no later than May 4th to elect the Summer Swap Option! 


    Shoot us an email & we will be happy to help!