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Monthly Membership:

As one of the perks of ongoing Monthly Membership, we offer a lower monthly rate to customers. However, our initial costs and production costs are such that this lower monthly rate can only be offered with a minimum use of at least 3 MONTHS before cancelling to keep the rates low. Customers who purchase the Monthly Membership option cannot cancel the subscription until 3 months of use. 

After the first 3 months of billing, ongoing monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time as long as submitted prior to that month's billing on the 5th of each month. Cancellations can be managed through the customer portal. 

3-Month & 6-Month Pint Pack Gift Subscriptions:

As one of the perks of the 3 and 6 Month Pint Pack Gift Subscriptions, lower monthly rates are provided to customers. However, our costs are such that this lower monthly rate can only be offered with a set amount of fulfillment months. We provided these short-term options in addition to the ongoing monthly option so customers could purchase as a gift for friends and family, or if preferred, purchase for themselves using a set duration of time that would end after so many months without requiring the customer to cancel. As such, we do not offer cancellations on 3 and 6 Month Pint Pack Gift Subscriptions. 

However, if you are unsatisfied with the product, please email pintclub@blackdogchicago.com to discuss with a customer service member. 

Pint Pack Purchases:

If you have purchased a Pint Pack and would like to cancel the purchase, please contact a member of customer service at pintclub@blackdogchicago.com as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee any refunds, but if the cancellation request is submitted prior to the 10th of the pick-up month, this request may be granted.